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90 Minutes of Creativity and Visibility with Honeya

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Are you feeling lost in the social media maze? Struggling to stand out in a sea of posts? Yearning for a creative spark to elevate your online presence? We've got the remedy!

Introducing "90 Minutes of Creativity and Visibility" – 90 minutes dedicated entirely to YOU and your social media journey.

Are You Facing These Social Media Challenges?

  • Overwhelmed by your social media presence?
  • Unsure how to create a compelling personal brand?
  • Need tips for boosting visibility and engagement?
  • Craving fresh content ideas to captivate your audience?

Here's How We'll Transform Your Social Media:

  1. Social Media Audit: We'll dissect your accounts, identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Personal Branding Consultation: Crafting an authentic brand that resonates with your audience.
  3. Visibility Boosting Strategies: Techniques to get noticed and stay memorable.
  4. Content Creation Ideas: Get your creative juices flowing with tailored content suggestions.
  5. Engagement and Connection Tips: Building meaningful relationships with your followers.
  6. Free Content Resources: Access a vault of ready-to-use content ideas and templates.

With this consultation call, you'll emerge with a clear strategy, a stronger brand, and the creativity to captivate your audience like never before.

Don't let social media be a mystery – unlock your brilliance today! Book your 121 with Honeya and embark on a transformational journey to social media success.

Let's shine together!

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Customer Reviews

Lisa C.

6 months ago


I had booked 90 minutes call with Honeya. She is a lovely lady. She knows Canva. I have booked another 90 minutes. Thank you for free ultimate Canva guide.


9 months ago

Amazing 90 minutes

I was struggling with social media branding and content. During this Honeya gave me very nice ideas and helped me with branding in social media.